Golf Diary

The Round: Played Riverview Score: 80 Greens In Reg: 11 Putts: 36

The Good: Iron play improved greatly hitting 11 greens. Drove the ball well. Short game was good.

The Bad: The putting numbers were bad, and I missed 2 really short 4-6 feet birdie putts. If you don’t putt you don’t score was proven again. I continue to make some bad decisions out there trying to do too much, which cost me at least 4 strokes.

The Luck Of The Round: Had absolutely no luck on the greens. I did hit some bad putts especially those short birdie putts but I burned as many edges as I had all year. I am listing them damn it. 1st hole upper edge for par. 6th hole a 25 foot birdie putts that burned the high side and stop right behind the hole. 4 footer on 10 for birdie that skimmed the hole. 10 footer on 12 left edge for birdie. A 10 footer for par on 16 slight lip out. Birdie putt on 17 left edge. Finally a 12 footer for par on 18 burned the low edge. None could find the hole hence the 36 putts. Just a major frustrating day.

Next Round: Who knows? We are in for some rainy and then rainy and cold weather for the next 5 days. May not golf for a week.

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