Pirates Morning Report: Maybe Marcano Needs Glasses

Final Score: Pirates 1 Rockies 10

Why The Pirates Lost: There were lots of issues with this game, but the Pirates have scored 2 or less runs for 9 consecutive games. The amazing thing is they are looking worse not better. Even though they only got 4 hits they did manage to get 6 walks. Every time they got runners on base they decided to have a bad at bat. Jason Delay, Bryan Reynolds and Carlos Santana were particularly bad when runners were in scoring position. They were 1 for 8 as a team with runners in scoring position and left 10 men on base. Then we have the case of Tucupito Marcano. He whiffed on a throw from Carlos Santana, missed timed a jump on a line drive and then struck out on a ball that almost hit him in the head. Maybe he just can’t see. Either that, or he is the example of being a great AAA player and that’s as high as he can go. The Pirates DFA Chase De Jong so he can start his broadcast career, and this gave DUJ so much confidence that he got scorched for 4 runs on 4 hits and a walk in one inning of “work”. The winning streak stopped at one.

Key Moment Of The Game: It was the top of the 4th and I’m not even going to go through it. Only to write that this is where Marcano forgot to catch the ball and the Rockies got a bunch of bloops and soft liners and scored 4 runs, with only 1 being earned. Luis Ortiz got touched up for 7 hits but deserved a better fate. Despite all the action in the 5 innings he pitched, he only threw 77 pitches. This made the score 5 to 1 going into the bottom of the 4th, but you knew that this game was over.

Next Game: This afternoon, Rockies in Pittsburgh. When will the Pirates score 3 runs in a game? That is the burning question that is on everyone’s mind at the moment. Will it be this week? Will it be this month? Are their iPads malfunctioning? Does Apple have it in for the Pirates. Is there something wrong with their bats? Is sabotage a possibility? Could April have just been a plot by the National League to let the Pirates hit, just to fool their fans into thinking this could be a good team. If so, they did a great job because this team looks lost now. Maybe the Pirates should put all 13 pitchers on the field and see what they can do at the plate. I would love to see DUJ bat. I really have not lost faith in this team. It just seems like it.

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