Golf Diary

The Round: Played South Park Score 79 Green In Reg. 7 Putts 31

The Good: Hit some good irons again, even though I only had 7 GIR’s, but I had a lot of balls on the fringe relatively close to the pin. I drove the ball well through the first 10 holes and number 18. The weather was perfect. My short game shots were good even though I only got it up and down 5 out of 11 times.

The Bad: Putting was off again. I missed way too many 4 to 7 foot putts. My chipping and pitching were good, but I could not finish it off by making the putt. Particularly galling was a 3-putt green on the par 5 tenth hole where I had reached the green in 2 and only had about a 15 foot putt for eagle. I was a little too bold on the eagle putt and ran it about 4 feet past the hole. Then missed the comeback putt for a 3 putt par that really took the sails out of the round. I hit my best drive of the day on 10 to set up the approach to the green. For the next 5 driving holes I did not hit very good drives and 2 of them cost me bogies. I did finish with a very nice drive on 18 but by then the round was toast.

The Luck Of The Round: I had a good break on the par 3 8th where I hit a gap wedge really thin but it came out ok within 12 feet of the pin. Had a tough break on the par 5 fourth where my ball just could not get past this little tree. I had a restricted backswing and actually hit the ball better that expected and it went over the green that led to a bogey on a fairly easy hole. Just could not get the ball in the hole although I hit a lot of good putts.

Next Round: May 31 at South Park. Taking a little non golfing vacation over the Memorial Day weekend and won’t be playing until the 31st.

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