The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

During the next 24 months I hope to play 90 different golf courses in the Western Pennsylvania area. These golf courses are all public golf courses and will be no more than an hour and a half drive from my home which is about 5 miles south of Pittsburgh. These are all regulation golf courses with the shortest being about 5800 yards and we will play from tees when this is possible which will make the course play  about 6700 to 7000 yards. Will not play from tees that are over 7000 yards long. I have been playing this game for 53 years missing one year in 1964 and not playing from October of 1994 until May of 1996. Some years I have played more than others. Some years over this period of time I have played as little as 12 to 15 rounds and other years I have played over a 100 rounds. Golf is one of the oldest games known to man and I still think we really don’t know how to play the game on any level even at the highest level which is the PGA tour. On each of these blogs I will give an example of why this game for lack of a better term is just plain goofy. About 13 years ago there was a young man who won one of the biggest golf tournaments on the PGA tour by a whopping 12 strokes. After such a dominating performance he spends the next 12 months changing his swing. Now he goes on to dominate the golf world but what would people be saying if he had not won another major tournament. Why did you change your swing. The young man of course was Tiger Woods. Why would you go through a major swing change for the next 12 months when you just had won the Masters by 12 strokes. Tiger addresses this by saying he wanted to get better but how much better can you get when you destroy the field at a major championship. Granted he went on to win more Majors including a unprecedented 4 in a row. Do you think he could of done that if he didn’t change his swing, we will never know but its what makes golf a goofy game. Other players have done similiar things after having great success on the PGA tour with not as good of results. In fact some have been career ending moves. What makes an individual do this when he is having success at the highest level of golf I will never know. I am in one of the worst stretches of play in my life. My handicap has risen from 2 to 5 which takes a pretty prolonged period of worst than normal scoring to do something like that. It has been very frustrating to say the least. Talk about swing changes. I change my swing on every shot. Do I expect to find the answer to what makes this such a goofy game. HELL NO! But I think this is kind of a cool thing to do and then maybe I will pack up the clubs and do what every golfer wants to do and few actually do and that is to throw bag clubs and ball in a body of water. I will give a short critique on all the golf courses I will be playing including “How is that hot dog at the turn?” I will make comments on the condition of the greens and the course and how overall enjoyable the course is to play.

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