The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Today started the 90 golf course trek through Western Pennsylvania. We started however in Eastern Ohio. The first course is an old traditional course called Copeland Hills which is in Columbiana Ohio which is about 12 miles from the Pennsylvania border. It is a long but fair golf course and the tees we played from today were about 7000 yards long. Just about as long of a golf course that this 60 yr older is willing to play. The golf course was in great condition and even though the greens were slow about a 4.5 on the stimp meter they were very smooth and putted extremely well. There are 4 sets of tees so you can play a much shorter course but even from the front tees this golf course can give you a challenging day. All the holes are tree lined and though the fairways are not extremely narrow you still have to drive the golf ball if you are going to score. It is a very enjoyable course to play and definitely worth a one hour to an hour and half drive. The rate for a senior is 23 dollars with a cart. It is a great golf course for anybody, but a low handicapper would particularly enjoy the challenge of this fair but difficult golf course. Yours truly continued his struggles with a laborous 87. Pete and Ron shot 88 and 80 and we are all single digit handicappers. Donna shot a 92 and she is about a 16. The second golf course we played today was Firestone Farms which is about 5 miles east of Copeland. This golf course is a newer golf course about 10 years old. So naturally  there are less trees and more houses near and around the golf course. This golf course is also in good shape but the greens were not as nice as Copelands. They were just a touch quicker a 5 on the stimp meter but they were very bumpy and definitely had some brown areas. Despite this, the course is very enjoyable to play. The senior rate is 25 dollars with a cart.  Little more room for errant drives and not quite as long as we played the tees that made the course play around 6800 yards. There are tees that will stretch the coures to 7200 yards but we will leave that for the big boys. Everybody in the group did a little better on this course as it is not as tough. I shot an 80 with a  pretty nifty 38 on the back. Pete and Ron shot 80 and 79 respectavly. Donna shot 89. The hot dog winner was definitely Firestone if no other reason the condiments. Jalapenos, Banana pepper rings, and a much more flavorful dog. Copelands dog wasn’t bad, I have had a lot worse but it couldn’t compare to Firestones. Very nice day 48 dollars for 36 holes. It was hot and humid and we were lucky that the thunder storms went south of us for the most part and we only had about a 10 minute delay on the back 9 at Firestone. Is Firestone worth the trip, barely. Hopefullly they can fix the green problem. Having many houses around the golf course is not something that adds any esthetics to the course. Did I find any answers today. HELL NO! It is all very frustrating. My game is in such disaray that even health insurance couldn’t help it. I started the day by trying to get back to what I thought was some fundentals and ended the day by just hitting the damn ball. The putting today was bad but I had good speed all day but really could not buy a putt. The short game was worst, and well, with the heat and the humidity I mostly thought all day that at least bowling alleys are air conditioned. So it is back to drawing board but I am lost.      

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