The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

August 11 we went to golf courses 3 and 4 and again we went into Eastern Ohio near the same area as last week. The first course we played was Kennsington Golf Club. This is a new golf course, about 4 years old and again connected to a housing development. This was the first time I had ever played this course and I had heard some good things about it. We played from tees that made the course play about 6600 yards and there are tees that will stretch the course to 7050 yards. The golf course itself is ok with some pretty nice holes, but it is a position type of golf course. We played the first 6 holes and then we ran into a green that was almost completely burned out. Then another and another and eventually there were 9 greens that were a mess. The greens that were ok ran about a 5 on the stimpmeter.  Needless to say this took away some of the enjoyment of the day. The overall condition of the course was not great either. We only had a threesome today. I shot 77, Pete shot 86 and Donna shot 84. It’s hard not to be too harsh on a golf course that is in this bad of shape even a new golf course but lets just say that it is not worth the trip even if you just have to walk out your back door to play the place. We made the turn a little after 11am and there were no hot dogs to be found, a very bad day at Kennsington Golf Club. There’s potential here but they better start taking care of the place. The next stop was Reserve Run golf course which is about 15 minutes south and east of Kennsington and it is about 10 or 15 years old. This is the first of many courses that I will call short golf courses. From the tips it is only 6162 yards. This golf course was in good shape, with the greens running a nice 6.5 on the stimpmeter. This course is very enjoyable to play. The holes are easy to follow and it is fairly wide open but there are some holes that can be very tight. There are some blind shots but overall it is a nice course to play. Is it worth the trip. If you pair this course up with Copeland Hills the first course we played I would most definitely say Yes. The course is not difficult and greens are not severe so any level of golfer should be able to play here and have a great time. The hot dog at the turn was just fair but at least they had some. Man, I was hungry. I shot a 75 Pete shot 82  and Donna 82. It was another hot and humid day but clouds rolled in and it was better in the afternoon. Did we find any answers today. Obviously I am playing a little better. In rounds of the last 7 days I have shot 75 76 77 and 75. These rounds are not 2 handicap caliber but there is some improvement here. Have I made some adjustments? Yes. Will they be long term? Who knows. The second 18 at Reserve Run was interesting. I birdied the first hole a short par 5 and then made only 1 bogey and 6 pars to be even par as I headed to the 9th tee. For the next 5 holes I simply lost control of my body. I hit 3 horrible tee shots on the 9th, 10th, and 13th holes and had short game blues on 2 other holes to make 4 bogeys in the next 5 holes. I pared the 13th hole despite the drive and then bogeyed the 14th hole when I flew an 80 yard pitch shot over the green on a fly, from the middle of the fairway. Then I pared in from the there. Golf does this to you. You simply for whatever reason lose control of your body. From a 3 foot putt to a tee ball there is something in the thought process system that causes your body to do things that it would never do on the practice tee.  I had a golf instructor tell me once “Control the body, control the golf club and you will control the golf ball. Can we do that we will see. 4 golf courses down 86 to go.

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