The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

On Sunday April 3rd we played golf course no. 14 Butlers Lakeside. Last fall we played the Woodside so this completes the 36 holes at Butler. The golf courses are located in Elizabeth Pa. which is about a 40 minute drive from my house. The Lakeside course has 2 completely different 9’s. The front 9 is part of the original course that use to be a 27 hole layout. Then about 10 years ago they added a new 9. The front nine is fairly easy but the new back nine is more difficult and has some hilly tough holes. The course plays about 6700 yards from  the blue tees. The biggest problem with the set up is that the front nine greens and the back nine greens are usually running at a little different speeds. Yesterday this was true with the front nine speed at about a 5 and the back nine was around 4 to 4.5 on the stimp meter. The course was in pretty good shape for early in the season and greens putted very smooth.  Again the group has a lot of the early season rust. I shot 81, Pete shot 85 and Donna had a 90. I have played both of these courses many times over the years and they come under the heading of even though there is nothing terribly wrong with them, there really is not a lot to like about them. The greens and fairways have always been long and the course runs from fair to good in overall condition. Are they worth the trip, No. My game yesterday was up and down with a lot of  short game rust.   I am still a work in progress right now with the progress being slow. There was no hot dog at the turn yesterday because of the weather but we had a dog there in the fall and it was fair. Fourteen courses down and 76 to go.

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