The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Today we played Scenic Valley Golf Course in Peters Township which is about a 25 minute drive from my house. This course is about 8 years old and is in great shape. The greens ran about 4.5 on the stimpmeter due to conditions. We had planned on playing 36 holes today but the weather did not co-operate with a threat of storms in the Am and high winds in the Pm. This course is very enjoyable to play with challenging greens and one of the best finishing holes in the Western Pa area. It is a par 5 with a lake that can come into play on your tee shot and 2ond shot. If you hit your drive to far to the left you will go into the water but if you are too conservative and play out to the right then you will have a hard time going over the lake on your second shot. It is a really great hole. This course is worth the trip to play. It measures 6333 from the tips due mostly to short par 4’s, but the par 5’s and the par3’s are really good. These greens can be real challenging to read and when they get a little fast they can be treacherous. The group struggled at times with the high winds but we did have our moments. We all shot fairly high. I had an 85, Pete had an 84 and Donna had a 92 but she had a real good stretch on the back nine where she was 3 over par for 7 holes. This was a day for me that shows why this game is truly goofy. I struck the ball really well today. My short game was worse than awful and I am not going into details but it obviously gave me a score that would tell no one that I had a good ball striking day. The main thing a day like this does, is it really magnifies your bad shots. It does so to such a degree that if effects the way you think about your golf swing, like it is not functioning properly, when in reality your botching up chipping and putting. But enough of this drivel, we had a good time and the course is good and hopefully we will get 36 hole weather. There was no hot dog at the turn today because of lack of players but I have had hot dogs here before and they are better than most especially the jalapeno dog yummie. Fifteen down and 75 to go.

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