The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Yesterday, May 4th we were able to get in 36 holes, despite less than ideal weather conditions. We continued with older shorter courses because of those weather conditions. The temperature started out in the low 40’s and barely touched 50, with a brisk wind all day, with very little sun. The morning course was Chippewa in Bentleyville, which is about a 40 minute drive from my house. The course plays 5884 yards form the tips, is pretty hilly, and is a very pretty tree lined golf course. One of the unique things about this golf course is that there are no sand traps. So anybody with a bad bunker game this is your golf course.  The greens were in great shape and ran about a 6 on stimp meter. The course is very enjoyable to play and overall is in good shape. The hot dog at the turn was very good with the famous  Olgebay Park dehydated onions. These onions look like rice and they have a really great taste. I grew up near Olgebay Park in Wheeling, W. Va. and these onions were always there but I rarely saw them any place else. They were at Chippewa yesterday. With the weather conditions mainly the cold, the group struggled on a fairly easy course. I shot 81, Pete shot 82 and Donna had a 90. The afternoon course was about 15 minutes away in 84 Pa. Rolling Green. Another short course that measures 6011 yards from the tips. Their greens were also in great shape and ran a 6 on the meter. This course has a nice variety of holes and is very hilly. Overall a very nice golf course. Because the golf course was not very busy they had to nuke my hot dog at turn but despite that, it was very tasty so it had to be a good quality dog. I discovered my short game and was able to manage a 72 which is one over par. Pete shot 78 and Donna shot 92. Are these courses worth a 90 minute trip. Of course not. But if you live in the South Hills of Pittsburgh you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not give these courses a try. They are in great shape and despite being short have some real challenging holes.  Nineteen courses down and 71 to go.

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