The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

On Wednesday April 27th we had our first 36 hole day of the year. We played Meadowink Golf Course in the morning and Murrysville Golf Course in the afternoon. Both of these golf courses are in Murrysville which is about a 30 minute drive from my home. The courses are only minutes from each other and they are very similiar. Meadowink is 6036 yds from the tips and Murrysville is 6139 yds at its longest. Both courses have a par of 72 only because they have very easy holes for par 5’s and really should be par 70’s courses. The courses are very enjoyable to play and have a good variety of holes. Meadowink in particular has a lot of unusual but fair holes. These courses are older courses but these are the courses that should be still built today and are not. These courses have lots of trees and are beautiful, not like a golf course that pretends to be a links course because they do not  have trees and lots of weeds around that they call heather.  Both greens putted very smoothly and ran 5 on the stimpmeter. I have played Meadowink many times and this was the first time I had played Murrysville. The price to play at Murrysville for a Wednesday afternoon  I think was  a little steep with the “senior” rate being 35 dollars. The regular rate was 38, why bother. As you know from privious posts there are a lot better deals around than that on a lot better courses. These courses were in very good shape with the roughs very lush and difficult to get out of. We have had a lot of rain here in Western Pa for April and the golf courses are very green. The day was unseasonably warm in the mid 80’s with lots of wind. Were these golf courses worth the trip. I would pair Meadowink up with another course out that way and say Yes,but with the price to play Murrysville it was not a good value. Meadowink also won the hot dog at the turn, as it was much better than the dog at Murrysville. The condiments were better and the server much more friendly. The guy at Murrysville was definitely not happy to be employed. Meadowinks dog might make the top 5 but it still does not come close to Firestone Farms. Maybe the guy that cooks the hot dogs at Firestone should take care of the greens. Our threesome did pretty well considering the strong winds but yours truly is kind of floundering again. I shot 83 at Meadowink and 79 at Murrysville. Pete had 77 and 76, and Donna had 93 and 89. At Murrysville Donna’ round was highlighted by a near hole in one on the 2nd hole. She hit a 3 wood about 160yds that stopped just 6 inches from the hole. Hopefully now we will get a break in the weather and begin to pick up the pace on playing the courses. Seventeen down and 73 to go.

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