The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Yesterday we went to golf course no. 21 Moon Golf Club located in Moon Twp. Another short course measuring about 5805 from the back tees. Yesterday was by far the best day we have had to play golf in a long time. Nice and sunny with temps in low 80’s. This course is about a 20 to 25 minute drive from my house. The course is very near the Pittsburgh airport and so you do get to see a lot of planes going over head but they were not very bothersome. The greens ran about a 6.5 on the stimpmeter but were very bumpy. Overall this course was not in as good as condition as the previous 3 courses we have played. The course was not in bad shape but not as  nice as these other very similiar short courses. This course is very hilly so if you are going to walk it, be prepared. In fact this course may be too hilly which makes it not that enjoyable to play. Most of the holes are tree lined and like the other short courses it has some pretty challenging holes but also a lot of very short “par” 4’s. The hot dog at the turn was a lot like the golf course, it was good but nothing special. You definitely get a better conditioned course and more value at Chippewa, Rolling Green and Oak Lake. Despite the great weather and an easy golf course the group struggled mightily. I shot 80, Pete had 86 and Donna 94. I am on a birdie drought of record proportions. No matter how easy the hole I am not making any birdies. I am just wandering around in the golfer’s haze of bewilderment and frustration. The lost soul of missed putts and wrong decisions. Maybe we should consider putting some par 3 courses on the list just so I can at least make my bag a little lighter. Anyway 21 down and 69 to go, can it snow in May.

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