The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Yesterday, Memorial Day we went to course no 22 Linden Hall in Dawson Pa which is about 15 miles north of Uniontown Pa. It is about a 75 minute drive from my house depending on the traffic. This golf course is unique in that it is owned by the United Steel Workers Union. This golf  course plays about 6600 yards from the tips and is fairly wide open with a great variety of holes. The greens were a little slow, running 4.5 on the stimp meter, but were smooth. The course was in good condition, and of course with all the rain we have been having, the rough was lush. We teed off at 7:20, and it was a hot summer day getting into the 80’s by 9 o’ clock.  The hot dog at the turn was delicious, and churned its way into my stomach to a solid 2ond place. In fact, the Firestone farms condiments is the only thing that really gave it the edge. It had been almost 3 weeks since we have been able to play one of the golf courses on the list as a group. I was away for 6 days visiting grandkids and the weather until rccently has been an issue. I have been playing, of course, during this time, with various results as usual, but yesterday for some reason I really did not want to be there. After hitting a beautiful opening drive my day took a steady decline of horrendous driving and spasmotic chipping and putting. After taking 4 strokes from 25 yards in, on a short par  4 and hooking my drive on the 12 hole into the woods that were 100 yards left on where I was aiming, I just starting walking down the right side of the hole with the intention of just skipping the hole, and going to the next tee. Then I remembered there was this dirt road that went along the par 3 no 13 and it headed right up the 17 th hole to the 18th and to the parking lot, and I just kept on walking. No good by to the group, so I don’t know what they thought, but I had had enough. I was dead tired when I approached the 12th tee box and the first thing I noticed as I was walking in, was that there was more of a hop in my step as I felt the exhileration of getting the hell out of there. No more of being totally incompentant. No more humiliation. I must have walked a good solid mile with my clubs on my back but by the end I was no longer tired and could have easily walked another mile in the heat.  I think golf is the individual version of the Peter principle, where you reach your own level on incompentence. I started having a handicap in 1986. During this 25 year period my handicap has been between 2 and 7 and probably for 24 of those 25 years its been betwee 3 and 5. In other words I would go into a slump, and for awhile, and I would be a 6 or 7, or I would get a little bit of a hot streak,and be a 2 or 3. I am sure there are many other players the same way. You start playing golf you improve to a certain level, no matter what that level is and thats it. No matter what you do, you really don’t get any better. I don’t think this is a physical thing either, it is definitely mental. So the 90 golf course quest is going to be put on hold for awhile. After all the blog is called searching for the answer not the 90 golf course trek. I would probably just quit, but I just bought 3 dozen golf balls, and so maybe thats what I will do, play until I run out of balls. Of course I imagine some people already think I have run out of those. By the way Linden Hall is worth the trip, especially if you want to make a weekend ot it because there is a hotel there and other things to do. A very nice enjoyable golf course in a very nice setting with great rates. Yesterday, a holiday  it was 28 dollars with a cart. I am taking a break from playing. I don’t know for how long a week ,a month, a season who knows maybe the answer will come in a dream.      







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