The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the answer

Today June 5th I went back to the scene of the crime Linden Hall, where I made my memorable walk off the course on the 12th tee. Since that Memorial day hike I have played 9holes at Mt Lebanon golf course on Wednesday, 9 holes at the same place on Thurday, 18 holes at South Park yesterday and 18 holes today at Linden Hall. Yes I played all 18 holes today. So much for taking some time off but with a bit of a new outlook and a totally new strategy for my game I have thrown in a couple of good rounds. The first 9 at Mt Lebanon did not bode well as I was litterly 9 over for 9 holes. On Thursday I had my ups and downs at the same course and managed to shoot 3 over par. But things began to perk up a little bit at South Park on Saturday when I started out with 3 birdies on the first 6 holes and then cooled off to shoot a 3 over 75. At Linden Hall I had another very good ball striking day but a couple of short putt misses and short game meltdown on the 2ond hole made me shoot 3 over on the front and then with help of 2 birdies on the back I shot 37 for a 4 over 76. This on a course only 6 days ago  that I was not going to break 85. So what happened. Well right now it is too early to tell but what I like about this new process and it is a process, is that it seems to be progessing in the right direction. So I am back in the saddle again and the 90 golf course trek will be continuing in earnest once again.  This game can drive you batty but it drives everyone batty at every level of play. I think the biggest problem with the game is that it makes you feel that you are not playing up to your capabitities. I think we all know that everyone can not be like a Tiger Woods. We all have pretty much established our games. It is when those games go completely south, that is the true mystery of the game.   That is the answer we are searching for, to be able to play at the best of our abitities, no matter what the circumstances. Still holding at 22 down with 68 to go.

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