The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Yesterday we played Mannitto in New Alexandria Pa which is about a 55 minute drive east from my home. This was the first time I had played the course and it was a solid golf course. The course played about 6300 yards from the tees we played from and is about 6700 yards from the back tees, and plays to a par of 71. Ususally we play from the back tees but there is not much different from the whites except for a few holes and the par 3’s which were very long. The course was in good shape, although it seemed they had over watered in places and the greens ran a 5.5 on the stimp and were smooth. The sand traps were not in great shape which is typical of many public courses. There is two things that must cost more than I realize and that is sand and asphalt. The condition of sand traps and cart paths are usually not up to the other standards of the golf course. The price was right for the weekend 35 dollars with a cart. This course was built in the early 60’s but reminds you of a course that is a lot younger becausse there are not many trees  and the course is wide open and a little stark looking on a lot holes. There is  a good variety of holes  and if you live within an hour of the course it is worth the trip. The hot dog at the turn was only fair and the mustard (2) and ketchup bottles looked like they had not been cleaned in a week. The group had its ups and downs. The greens were quite undulating and if you had the ball on the wrong place on the green it made putting difficult. I shot 79, Pete 77 and Donna had just one of those days where nothing goes right and had 101. It was a beautiful but hot day with low humidity which didn’t make it too bad. My struggles continue and the quest goes on. I think I have a better chance of discovering a new continent. Forty one down and forty nine to go.

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