The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Yesterday we played Quicksilver golf course in Midway Pa. which is about a 25 to 30 minute drive from my house. Quicksilver is one of the more well known golf courses in the area. The course has hosted Senior tour events and Nationwide tour events and some Open qualifiers. The course and clubhouse was renovated about 20 years ago and they did a beautiful job. The bad thing was, after the renovations they charged an arm and a leg to play the course. New owners took over the operation about 5 or so years ago and that has improved somewhat but the course is still a bit pricey. Fortunately being old we got the before 11 am Mon. through Thur. senior rate of 29 dollars with a cart. We played from the blue tees which played about 6800 yds and greens ran about a 6 on stimp. This course is pretty hilly and will give a lot awkward lies something the Senior tour did not like. I have played this course probably once or twice a year over this 20 year period and the thing that bothers me the most is sometimes this course has not been in the best of shape. Now yesterday it was in very good shape the fairway and roughs were good and the greens putted very smooth. If you are going to charge a premium price then the course should be in premium shape. This course is a pretty difficult course with some severe sloping greens and has a course rating of 73.9 with a slope of 137 against a par of 72. I only mentioned this because yesterday I had my best round of the year in relationship to the course rating by shooting a 75. On top of that I have a cold. On top of that the conditions were windy with periodic showers. Another example of how this game is just plain goofy. The hot dog at the turn was ok but nothing special. At least the ketchup and mustard didn’t look like they were handled last by 6 year olds. As with everything else at this place it was overpiced at 2.50. Is this place worth the trip? If you can get the senior rate absolutely. On their website they say its 65 with a cart on the weekend, so forget it, although they seem to have a pretty decent fall rate. Pete shot 82 and Donna had 91, again under less than ideal conditions. Who knows what happen to me today. I guess you could say that I only play well when I am dehydated or my body is being ravaged by  a virus.  So my plan now is to not drink any water the day before and visit lots of day care centers and get real close to kids with colds. I feel that I am getting close to an answer with this plan. Forty two courses down and 48 to go.

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