The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Yesterday we went past the half way point with courses number 45 and 46. The first course we played was Oak Tree Country Club in West Middlesex Pa which is about an hour and 20 minute drive. Oak Tree use to be a private club but went public about 7 years ago. This course plays about 6600 yards from the tips, playing to a par of 71 and the greens ran about a 5.5 on the stimp and were very smooth. What wasn’t very smooth were the fairways. There were bare spots all over the place on just about every fairway. This is a very nice lay out with many interesting and challenging holes but the fairway condition was very disappointing to say the least. Being a former country club they still ask more to play there than the normal rate in this area and so because of the condition of the fairways I would have to say this course was not worth the trip. Even with the senior rate it was 35 dollars with a cart. Today Pete’s nephew played with us and group over all played pretty well. I shot 82, Pete shot 81 and Matt had a 90. The hot dog at the turn was just fair with a shortage of condiments, no onions. Next we headed up the road into Ohio to play Yankee Run, a true public course. First of all the senior rate was 20 bucks with a cart. The course was in excellant shape with greens running a 5.75 on stimp and again were very smooth. This course plays 6500 yards from the tips to a par of 70. This is another well designed course with many interesting and challenging holes. This course is just about an hour and half drive from my house which puts it at the tip of the distance chart but is worth the trip. There are other courses in this area that you could team up with this course to make a very enjoyable 36 hole day. The hot dog a the turn was very good and they even had purple onions and very good mustard, yummy. The group played pretty well again. I shot 77, Pete a 79 amd Matt an 87. My putter was bulky all day and the chipping wasn’t much better. If your short game is off you are not going to score anything great. A lot of wasted drives today. We are just past the halfway point and no closer to an answer but I think the answer is somewhere in the deep recesses of my pea brain. Forty six down and forty four to go

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