The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

                                                  THE HALF WAY POINT

Well, just past the half way point and no closer to an answer. A couple of close calls but just disappointment in the end.  I have played 46 different golf course in this time and all of them have given me both pleasure and pain. None of the 46 have been in truly bad shape but there have some that were just fair.  The most disappointing were the 9 burned out greens at Kennsington and they charged us full price and the fairways at Oak Tree. Since we are at the half way point lets rank the top 5 golf courses that I consider to be the best value and worth the trip. Number one and two are Millcreek South and Millcreek North, two great fair golf courses that are just about perfect. Number 3 is the recently played Yankee Run which is a great course with some great golf holes. Number 4 is Beaver Creek Meadow which is by far the easiest course on the list but the couuse is just plain beautiful with some great landscaping around the course. Copeland Hills and Quicksilver are a fifth place tie depending on the condtion of the course. If that is the same then I give Copeland the edge but that could be a little iffy at times depending on the weather conditions. Honorable mention goes to Lake Arthur, Scenic Valley, Highland Springs, and Castle Hills. You can not go wrong going to any of those golf courses. The  top 5 hot dogs at the turn were, Firestone Farms, Linden Hall, Fort Cherry, Indian Run, and Hartmans. Remember don’t get a hot dog at Tam O, Shanter. Its been fun visiting some old courses that I haven’t played for awhile and playing some courses that I have never played before. Hopefully the process will speed up a little bit. We had a horrible spring so maybe we will get a break in the fall and be able to play well into November and December. Certainly not any closer to an answer but will continue on this double quest. I still believe that there is an easier way to play this game but maybe it won’t be discovered until the mid 2000’s who knows. Let the second half begin.

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