The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Yesterday I went to Hickory Heights in Bridgeville Pa which is a 20 minute drive form my house. This golf course has been around for close to 20 years, has  had many changes in ownership and the only reason I think this golf course has been able to survive is that it is located around a lot of poputlation. This course was designed by some well know golf architect and all I can say is he must have been on some kind of acid trip when he built this golf course. To get to the basics the course plays about 6500 yards from the back teess and the greens were running a solid 6.5 on the stimp and were very smooth. The fairways were in good shape and the rough was long but had a lot of bare patches. However the greens are poorly designed, the holes are very narrow and if you have a desire to see just how unfun golf can be I suggest that you buy 2 dozen cheap balls because you are going to lose at least half of them. I was charged 35 dollars to play this golf course from hell and when I got home their web site did say they have a senior rate but gave no details. I guess they only give you this rate if you look like death warmed over.  On the web site there is guy on there that says that one of their holes is part of his dream 18. I almost puked on my computer. The only dreams you are going to have about this golf course would be classified as nightmares. I was so disgusted I didn’t bother having a hot dog.  I went around the track in 77 which is 5 over par. I played well in the middle of the round and made some nice short game saves at the end when my swing went south. Still no closer to any answers but at least I have this course behind me. Fifty two down and 38 to go.

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