The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Yesterday was a trip down memory lane as I played on 2 golf courses that I grew up on. The first course was Fairway River Links in Rayland Ohio, which is an hour and twenty minute drive from my house. This course was a 9 hole course back in the late 50’s and 60’s and my dad and I played it almost every weekend when I was a young boy and then when I was in high school I played it almost every day. A season long pass in the mid 1960’s would cost 70 dollars. To fill up your car can cost that much today. The course was owned by former Pittsburgh Pirate 2ond baseman Bill Mazeroski and he eventually sold it and the new owners were able to turn it into and 18 hole course. Six of the old holes remained virtually unchanged. The course is in fair shape with the greens smooth but slow barely running a 4 on the stimp. There is no definition to the fairways and lots of crabgrass but the course has a nice setting as it runs along the Ohio River and is very flat. From the back tees the course plays about 5800 yards to a par of 70. There are many interesting and picturesque holes and I found it to be an enjoyable course to play. Of course I had many memories come back as I played the 6 originals holes. The old number 2 hole was the sight of my first hole in one on July 31 1968. I went around the track in 75 yesterday as it was difficult to adjust to the slowness of the greens. The 4 reading was on the cut greens and I played a lot greens that were not cut yet which were even slower. I was done too early to get a hot dog. Next stop was a course that had opened in 1965 which I also played when I was in high school, Bec-Wood Hills about 15 minute trip down the road or should I say up and down and around the road. This course is much hillier and the greens were in great shape running a 6 on ths stimp and were very smooth. Lot more doglegs and again not really any definition to the fairways although on some holes I thought I could see a line between the fairway and the rough. The fairways were about the same as River Links but the greens were much better and more undulating. From the back tees this course plays about 6100 yards to par of 72. The hot dog at the turn was exceptional and they had a garlic hot sause to die for. It was so good that I had another at the end of the round. I shot 77 here with some adjustment problems on the much speedier greens and I made some strategic errors on some holes because I had not played them before or at least I certainly don’t remember that far back. All in all it was  a very enjoyable day as the weather after some early fog was very nice and sunny with temps in the low 80’s by the time I finished. Fifty four down with 36 to go.

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