The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Yesterday was a 36 hole day as I headed back to the Steubenville, Wintersville area. The first course we played was Red Oaks which is about an hour and 10 minutes drive. This is a short course playing about 6000 yards from the back tees, to a par of 72. The greens were excellent and ran about a 6 on the stimp. We have had a lot of rain in the area for the last week and the course was very wet. This was only the 2ond time I had played the course and that was about 15 years ago. There are a lot of blind shots and there are parts of the back nine which is very tight and hilly. We had a foursome today and with the wet conditions and some early fog we all had out problems. I managed to scrape out a 79, Pete had 84, Rich 85 and John an 89. The hot dog at the turn was very good. Then we headed back to Pittsburgh a little ways to play Spring Hill.  This course plays 6200 yards, with a par of 71. The course is a little less hilly is a little more open and therefore more player friendly. The greens were good and ran 5.25 on the stimp. One of the unique things about these greens is they were very grainy. This affected the speed and break of the putt more than we were use to and everybody had their share of problems on the greens. I really had my problems and shot one of my worse scores an 85. Pete shot 78, Rich 79 and John who had as much problems on the greens as I did had 93. The hot dog at the turn was excellent with one of those  smaller V shaped buns that allowed the condiments to be under the hot dog. Both of these courses are not worth the trip but if you live in this area both course are enjoyable to play and are in very good shape. If you are headed down south and are going to play Bermuda greens Spring Hill is a good place to go, to get use to putting on greens with lots of grain in them. Obviously I had  pretty bad scores today, and most of this was due to some real short game blues. We had beautiful weather after a miserable weekend of cold wind and rain. Hoping to knock off 3 more courses over the next 3 days. Fifty seven down with thiry three to go.

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