The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Today I went to Krendale golf course in Butler, Pa., which was about an hour drive. This is a 27 hole lay out and I played the North and West course today. I have played this course only once before and then  I did play all 27 holes at that time. All three nine’s are pretty solid tracks. The only bad thing today was that this area has had a lot of rain lately and the the course was very wet, and this was probably the most careful I have ever been driving a cart, since they had virtually no cart paths. I feel my biggest accompishment of the day was not getting the cart stuck in the mud.  The two nine’s today played about 6450 yards to a par of 70. The greens were very smooth and ran a 5.5 on the stimp. The course was enjoyable to play and overall the course was in good shape considering the wet. However there were a few oddities about the place. The clubhouse is old and you feel a little isolated out there like you are arriving at the Bates motel. The inside of the clubhouse seems to have little to do with golf. The the scorecards they have are only for each 9 and each card is no bigger than a playing card. They remind you scorecards that would get at a minature golf course.  Then even though the cards are all only 9 holes they handcap all the holes like every time you go there you are going to play 27 holes. In other words there is a 22 handicap hole and a 26 handicap and so forth. I must admit I have never seen anything like that and it certainly would make for some intersting 18 hole matches. I wouldn’t say this course is worth the trip but it has lots of good holes. I went around today in 76 with some short game blues but overall it was a good day. I am working on something again and it seems to be helping some. I have done it now for a whole 2 rounds so you never know. The hot dog at the turn was just ok, and they only had mustard and ketchup, no onions or relish. Where is that garlic hot sause when you need it. On the way home I stopped at a place called the ice cream king, or something lile that, and they had my favorite flavor of ice cream, Chocolate Marshmellow and it was delicious. That may have been worth the trip. Fifty five down and thirty five to go.

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