The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Finally we get to part 2 of practicing. Jack Nicklaus use to say you should always practice with a purpose. This blog will explain what’s the purpose of practice. This is what you should expect from practicing and why you should go to the practice range.

1. It is the best the thing to do for your golf muscles. Even if you work out, a golf swing is so unique, that the only way to really get  those golf muscles in shape is to swing that golf club. You get to hit a lot of shots in a very short period of time.

2. Practicing is a way to learn. Beginners learn the basics of the swing. Once you start playing awhile this is the place to learn to hit the ball low, high, left to right, and right to left. Many players don’t think they have the capabilities to hit these shots but if you do not try them on the practice range you will never get better. This is also the place to learn short game shots.

3. Experimenting. There are certain aspects of the golf swing and address position that have to be very exact. You will never be a good player if you have poor posture at addrees. However, there are many things you can change at the address position that can have a positive impact on your game. Turning your hands on the grip a little to the right or left can help you square the clubhead. Playing from an open or closed stance can have a positive effect. Remember, Ben Hogan the great fader of the golf ball played all the longer clubs the driver down to the 4 iron with a closed stance. If he had followed normal golf thinking he would have hit all shots from an open stance. Ball position is another area which can be moved around. Playing the ball a half ball forward or backward in your stance can make a big difference in how you hit the ball. These are all things you can try on the practice tee. All you have to lose is strokes.

4. Checking those static positions in golf. Remember 85% of golf swing problems happen before you swing the golf club. This is the place to check posture, alignment and distance from the ball. You can not do this enough.

So there are the reasons you should go the the practice range. Just remember practicing is not playing, practicing is not playing, practicing is not playing. 


7 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. Vet, any recommendations on effective warm-up routine before a round? I’ve had some success with more chipping and putting than full shot warm up and some success varying targets with every shot for full swing, but these haven’t been consistent. Thanks.


    1. I admit I don’t really have a pre round warm up routine. A lot of the golf courses I play do not have ranges. When I have time I like to swing a weighted club like a momentus and hit a few putts and chips to get a feel of the greens. I agree with you that a short putting drill can help confidence and when on the practice green I make sure that I have every third putt go into the hole. If I miss 2 in a row then I putt an 18 incher to see the ball go in. But like the goofy game that it is I have had some of my best rounds when something has delayed me and I rush up to the first tee and just let it rip. Today I got there early had a nice warm up and stunk out the joint. Know any good sandwedges.


  2. This warm-up thing has me baffled. My first two rounds of the year I warmed up nicely on the range and snap hooked it off the first tee. Last two times out I warmed up just okay but focused entirely on target on the tee shots and piped ’em both. Maybe it’s got nothing to do with the warm-up?

    Sorry, not up to speed on the latest sand wedges. Am playing with an older Cleveland Tour Action 533 which I like. Are you sure it’s the equipment? How are you missing your shots?


  3. Neither. I have plenty of Sandwedges. As I said in tonights blogs at one point in the round after I threw the wedge in the woods I was in between clubs, the one in my bag and the one in the woods


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