The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

It might be awhile before we hit one of the 26 remaining courses with Easter on the horizon, and I am out to California to see the grandkids from the 11th to the 17th. I thought I would start doing a weekly wrap up on Sunday nights covering what I did during the week and some inane observations of whats going on in the world of golf. I played 2 and 1/2 rounds of golf this week shooting 77, 36, and 81. It was a particular disappointing day today as I took a step backward on the process of searching for the answer. I think what I am doing is sound but today was a lack of execution especially in the tempo department. I am still having the short game blues which does not help as I am trying to incorporate this new swing thing into the short game with mixed to terrible results. I don’t want  to say that this is starting to get to me but I threw my sandwedge into the woods today. Later in the round I was between clubs. The one in my bag and the one in the woods. Even though this has been a physical search for a better way to swing the club, maybe it should be a search for the mental approach, which if you been watching the PGA tour lately has not been discovered. It was nice today to watch nobody choke down the stretch today. I don’t like that word choke even though I just used it because it is the popular term to use when someone either messes up down the stretch or screws up the entire round on the last day. It seems no one is immune to it. Even Ernie Els a couple of weeks ago missed 2 short putts and hit a terrible shot on a par 3 to blow a tournament. The only player that really seemed not to blow tournaments was Jack Nicklaus. I have read most of Jack’s books and I don’t find them all that enlightening on the subject. Even Tiger has taken the big Apple but sometimes he gets away with it. Even though he made that unbelievable chip on 16 a few years back at the Masters, he still finished bogey,bogey and if Demarcos chip goes in on 18 instead of lipping out they would still be talking about the Masters that Tiger let slip away. I think it boils down to some kind of disconnect between the mind and the body. In the last 15 years there have been 3 golfers who made triple bogeys on the last hole to get into a playoff  when a double bogey would have won the tournament. Just what the hell happened there. I bet you could give Ernie Els that putt he missed on 18 a hundred times and he would make it a hundred times. But when it counted he did not even touch the hole. There is no question the answer has not been found.         

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  1. Well I was wondering what that blip on the radar was yesterday afternoon. . . seriously, don’t let the ups and downs of game improvement get to you. As long as you sustain improvement over the long run, you’ll be fine.


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