The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Well another weekly wrap up on a Monday but the weather has turned bad and I knew I would have this afternoon to do the blog. Another disappointing week with scores of 44 80 80 and 82 and each one of those were worse because the courses were easier with each round. There are many possiblities that the game has fallen on hard times. The short game still continues to be a problem. I think the biggest reason is that I am trying to analyse this new thing I am doing too much. I still am having a hard time believing that something this simple is working as well as it once was. I am still debating how much to incorporate it  into my short game and even my putting. The other thing that is happening is that I am runny through a period of bad luck where every bad shot ends up in something that is worse than it could be. It ends up right behind a tree or in a terrible lie in the rough and lip outs are routine. Every golfer has had that experience when you are shooting a really good round. You hit a bad shot and it hits the tree and comes back in play or in the woods and is in a perfect spot to give you a clear shot at the green. Everybody remembers when Fred Couples hit the shot at no. 12 at the Masters and his ball did not roll back into the water. When Vjay won his first PGA he hit a shot in the last round on a par 5 that rattled around the trees and came right out on to the green for an easy 2 putt birdie and he went on to win his first major. When you are going bad everything just seems to bounce wrong at times but it will even up in the end. Despite these recent struggles I still think I have got something here but only time will tell. One thing about golf, the numbers never lie. Despite the early week being quite bad it looks like the rest of the week will be fairly nice. Hopefully we will be getting to course no 65 soon.

2 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. Are you trusting this new move on the course or thinking too mechanically? You didn’t indicate if you had to learn/relearn something new or were relying on something old that’s worked before. Easier to make that change back to something you used to use and not think too mechanically on the course.


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