The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

The weekly wrap up is one day late as a busy Easter Sunday did not allow me to blog. The week was rather disappointing, which could be another reason I was not too fired up to put the week into print. The scores were 35, 80, 79 and 81. The 80 was the best score as it was done at St. Clair Country Club which is a pretty difficult course. In a nut shell it was an up and down week on all levels. I still feel I am on the right track but execution just does not seem to there, at  least for now. It was a great Masters. What a great golf course. It is the best designed course in the United States. I am not talking about it being the toughest by any stretch of the imagination but the possibilities on each and every hole is phenominal. The course is what makes this tournament so great. Going out to San Diego to see the grandkids for about a week on Wednesday so golf will be taking a back seat for awhile. The answer will be coming.      

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