The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Another busy week with 4 rounds played, and course number 71 completed. We went to Donegal Highlands in Donegal Pa. a 65 minute drive. The course plays 6400 yards from the back tees, and the greens were slow but smooth running barely a 4.5 on the stimp. This is a golf course that has the 2 most contrasting nine’s I have ever played. The front nine is wide open plays to a par of 35 and is 3243 yards long. The back nine has trees,water, tight fairways and plays to a par of 37, but is only 3157 yards long. The course was in excellent condition with the rough grown in and fairways in great shape. Even though the course is in the mountains the course is relatively flat. The only negative were the slow greens. The holes are well designed and is a very fair but challenging golf course. The course is worth the trip. The hot dog at turn was good but nothing special. Maybe I am getting hot dogged out, but things have pretty bland in that area lately. I want that meatless chile sause. Had my first bad stretch of golf in a long time. I was cruising along at 2 over par after 13 holes then proceded to go double bogey, bogey, bogey, double bogey, bogey, and staggered home with an 81. Most of this was due to some poor ball striking and even poorer or dumber thinking. Pete also had a bad back nine and shot 85 and David came in with an 88. In the other 3 rounds I played this week I shot 81, then followed that up with my best round of the year a 71 at South Park and had a 78 today at 3 Lakes. Part of the reason for some less than steller scores this week, is that I think I have applied to what I am doing with my full swing, to my less than full swing and to my putting. In other words the anchor as I call it for my full swing, is now working for my less than full swing and my putting. I have never been able to do this before and like any new thing it is taking a little time to have confidence, and it has caused me to lose some concentration on my full swing. I wasn’t quite sure if what I was doing with my full swing, could be applied to those other aspects, because when I tried to do this previously I met with some gigantic failures. But now it looks like I able to use the same anchor on all three aspects of my game which could turn out to be a major plus, but time will tell. The round at South Park was not as good as it sounds. South Park is very wide open and driving is not a premium. You have to do things to score, get the ball on the green and putt. I hit 14 greens and made 29 putts. Made two great sandies and got some breaks and wahla one under par. Seventy one courses down and 19 or more to go.    

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