The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Even though no new courses were played this week, it was a busy golf week with two 9 hole rounds played, and 4 18 holes rounds played. My play was pretty steady if not spectacular for the first rounds of the week. I shot 37, 36, 75, 73 and 74. The last 2 rounds were at South Park which I am playing more than I really want to but that’s the way it’s just been. My 74 was one of my most up and down rounds, I have had in a long time. I had one double bogey, 5 bogies, 3 birdies and an eagle. I also 3 putted for a par on another par 5 from 8 feet.  Today we went to Rolling Acre a course I have already blogged and is a course that I really like. It plays to a par of 73 and after making an opening bogey on a fairly easy par 5 yours truly went on to birdie the next 3 holes and make 4 more birdies against 2 more bogies to shoot one of my best rounds in years a four under par 69. Obviously the new muscular control of the swing is working out very well. But the big differnce is I have been able to finally apply the same controling factors to my putting and my short game. I did not need a lot of short game today since I hit 15 greens in regulation and had 29 putts. So am I on to something? I think so. Even though I have played as well as I have ever played for the last 4 to 5 weeks I am still not ready to say this is the new way to play this game. Remenber this is not a method I am doing here. You can apply what I am doing to any form of golf you like, ranging from the stack and tilt, the one or two plane swing. natural golf or the Jimmy Ballard technique. What I have been doing since about last October is I am letting a specific group of muscles control my entire golf swing. Before I get into more specifics there are 2 things that are going to have to happen. One I will have to continue to play well and will have to get into a little neuro anatomy reading to see exactly why this method is working so well. There is a part of me that still thinks this could be nothing more than swing number 306. I have played this game for 54 years and have had hot streaks before. The difference here so far, is my consistency, while still learning and trusting the method. Twelve straight rounds between 75 and 78 and now I seem to have taken it to the next level of 73 and 74. Even though this round was one of my best in a long I have been making steady progress with no major setbacks. In the coming weeks there will be some team tournaments and one individual event. It will be interesting to see how this method will hold up. Next week I should be able to get in some new courses. The other thing which I hinted at in some previous blogs, is I think I am going to go for a nice round number of 100 courses because there are a 100 within 90 minutes of my house.  Since the play is getting better I give my clubs at least a 50/50 chance of staying out of the lake at the end of the one hundreth course. Till next Sunday hit em straight. THE SEARCH CONTINUES

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