The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

With grand kids and family in town for the week it was a welcome slow week on the circuit. I played 2 rounds this week both close to home. On Wednesday I shot 79 and today I had a big fat 83. This “little tweaking” I am doing with this swing is causing more problems than I thought it would. After shooting a 4 under par about 3 weeks ago it makes me wonder if this tweaking is the right thing after all. This does remind me a little of the problems I was having with the swing in the spring. So I will be still doing the same thing for awhile longer. One thing about today I did finished pretty strong. I started doing some of the drills that I use to do for the swing which I had got away from because I had been hitting the ball so well. My concentration has not been as good because of the slight change and that has contributed to some of the higher scores.  This week will get back to normal and we will add some more courses. Hopefully we are getting closer to the answer as there are only 24 more courses to go. Do golf clubs float.

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