The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

No new courses this week but a very good week none the less. On Wednesday we went back to what I call golf heaven, Mill Creek in Boardman Ohio for a 36 hole day. It was a perfect day for golf and the course was in great shape. Again we only paid 37.50 for 36 holes and a cart.  We played the North course in the morning and the South in the afternoon. I hit the ball really well in the morning but a bulky putter kept me from shooting any better than a 4 over par 74. I felt really good going over to the South course but then my brain went into stupid mode, started off with 2 double bogeys and never really recovered and shot an 82. I could shoot 90 on this golf course and still walk off the course a happy man. It was just another great day in golf heaven. On Sunday we played Murrysville, and I had a really up and down. After I bogied the easy first hole I righted the ship made a couple of nice pars and then birdied the par 3 fourth hole. After I parred the fifth hole I then proceeded to butcher one of the easiest holes on the course and double bogey a very short par 5. Then I settled down with 2 more birdies to be even par after 12 holes. Then I went into another funk and bogied 4 straight holes. I parred the last 2 holes to shoot a 76. I usually don’t go into such detail on a round but I think this is a good prelude to the next step into finding the answer. I am 95% sure I have the answer to the physical side of the game. This is the longest period in my golfing life that I have been swinging the club the same way. So now it’s time to go after the mental side of the game. Like the physical side of the game the mental game has had a lot written about it. We that play the game know the drill. Stay in the moment, stick to your routine, one shot at a time, and blah blah blah. Again, like on the way to hit a golf ball, I strongly feel that something is missing. I started this blog 2 years ago out of desperation to try and keep playing this game that was driving me nuts. It has taken me this long to find the swing thing. Hopefully I can find the mental key sooner. Speaking of mental, I may be slowing down on playing new courses subconsciously to give me more time to find the answer. Think about that for awhile. The search continues.

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