The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

No new courses again this week as competition and some threatening weather came into play. This was a very up and down week with some changes made. By the end of the week I had untweaked the tweak. The week started off well enough with a good 9 hole practice session at Mt. Lebanon. On Wednesday I got off to a solid start to the Mt Lebanon Men’s league championship by shooting a nice 1 under  34. I followed that up later in the day at Village Green with a 74. I was feeling pretty good going into the 36 hole North Park mens championship on Thursday. There I laid an enormous egg by shooting a very smooth 85. Nothing specatacular, 13 bogies and 5 pars. The second 18 was not much better but I finished up on the last 4 holes I played with 3 pars and birdie but then the rains came and I was ready to pack it in. Even though I had shot the 1 under par 34 on Wednesday, I made some very nice par saves and was quite fortunate to shoot the score. After giving the tweak a solid 3 to 4 weeks, I decided to go back to the original way I was doing the new swing. Over the weekend this gave me just so so results with a 74 at South Park and a 78 today at Riverview. I did feel more comfortable with the swing but poor thinking was the culprit for not scoring any better. I have to say this was one of the most disappointing weeks I have had in a long time. I still feel this is the answer to the physical side of the game. Not much work done on the mental side this week due to the fact that I made the swing change. Even though I thought this was a minor change and I was really narrowing down the controlling factor of the golf swing it seemed to me that these muscles just do not seem to do the job. Next week I feel certain that I will be adding a new course to the list. I also found some new reading material that may help with a muscle explanation on what I am doing. I don’t think there has been anything written for what my brain is doing. Obviously this game can jump right up and tear your heart out. Just ask Adam Scott. Does anybody dispute that this game is just plain goofy.

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