The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Finally a new course was added this week as we went to Totteridge in Greensburg Pa. about a 55 minute drive. This course started as a country club but ran into financial difficulties and went public about 5 years ago. The course played about 6600 yards from the tees we played from but has tees that will make the course play over 7000 yards long. We had a beautiful day to play golf and the course was in very good shape. This course is again one of these courses that I call a fake links course. They cut down all the trees, let weeds grow up that they call heather and hope the ocean moves in real quick. Despite this, the course does have many interesting holes. The fairways were very good, with the greens running a nice 6 on the stimp and were very smooth. The roughs were grown in nicely with very few bare spots. The course was fair and enjoyable to play. The green fees are a little stiff, but over all this course was worth the trip. If they get more competitive with the fees I am sure this course would get more play. The hot dog at the turn was ok but nothing special. We had a threesome and course got its way with most of us. I shot a ho hum 80 with no birdies and one double bogey. David had an 84 and Pete had a tough day with a 90. Earlier in the day I shot a 37 on the second 9 to go with my 34 of last week at Mt. Lebanon, but I do not know if that was good enough for a win. I played South Park on Saturday shot 37 on the front from the blue tees, but then storms came in and I went home. Today we went to Village Green and I shot a miserable 84. Before we get into that debacle, I have to mention one of the strangest shots I have ever hit in my life, the last time I played Village Green, about 10 days ago. It was on the 17th hole which is a very tight 400 yard par 4 with OB on the right and a creek on the left. The right side of the hole has a bank which will kick everything to the left. I hit a good solid drive along the right side just about 5 yards into the rough. The ball hit the top of the white 150 yard post, at the point that is angled at about 45 degrees toward the hole, and can not be more than an inch wide.  It caromed off the post way up in the air and backwards some 55 yards. The most accurate drive I have ever hit in my life. The odds of hitting that post exactly at that point some 250 yards away  would be far higher than getting a hole in one. Needless to say untweaking the tweak has been a much tougher endeavor than I would have ever thought. I will have some work to do this week and hopefully I can back to where I was about 5 weeks ago. At least a new course was added this week so I am one course closer to possibly being put out of my misery. Seventy seven courses down and twenty three to go.

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