The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

The golf season is officially 27 holes old as of today. Yesterday I walked 9 holes at Mt. Lebanon and played 18 today at Scenic Valley on a gorgeous March 10th day with temperatures pushing into the 60’s. Unfortunately the weather is not supposed to last but I am off and running. The first hole at Mt. Lebo is a par 3 of about 165 yards slightly downhill. With a little helping breeze and some very exact calculations I decided to hit a 6 iron. I took my controlled shoulder swing, felt that I had stayed down and cold topped the shot about 70 yards down the fairway. My first thought was, is that a white mouse running around out there, but then I quickly realized it was my ball. Those winter lay offs are great. I was by myself and was praticing and already making adjustments on my new short game and putting techniques. A few years back, I also played my first nine holes at Mt. Lebanon on an unseasonably warm New Years Day. That  day I hit my iron into the bunker behind the green. I blasted out of the bunker and one hop, skip and jump later, the ball went into the hole at 11:30 am for my earliest birdie I have ever made on a calender year. That one may stand up for a long time. Today at Scenic Valley things were much better. I made some solid 5 to 6 foot putts, drove the ball like it was June, and birdied the last hole to shoot a pretty nifty 78. Not bad for an opening season round. The new putting techique and new putter worked well and the chipping was at least average which is better than putrid. The technique to work the ball seemed to be pretty effective, also. There are 14 courses left to do in the trek and there is going be a little scrambling around to find 14, as some courses that we did not play are no longer there. So sad. The 2013 golf season has started and the search for some answers to this goofy game will go on, with emphasis on the between your ears part. Hope we get to play some next week.  

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