The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Not a big week for golf as the weather was not co-operating, and it is not looking very good for the coming week. I have the grandkids coming in this week so golf would have to take a back seat anyway. I was able to walk 9 holes on Monday and Friday so every little bit helps. Still fine tuning the short game and the putting and both are coming along. Last week, I forgot to tell about one unusual thing that happened in the opening 18 holes of the year. In fact in over 50 years of golf, this has never happened to me before. The 7th hole at Scenic Valley is a par 4 with a sharp dogleg to the right. It is a short dogleg so you can drive through the dogleg into some trees. You either have to lay up  with a 3 wood, or bend a driver around the corner, and risk going off into the woods on the right. My playing partner hit a low drive down the right side, that looked like it was going to be all right, but when we got down there, we could not find the ball. He had to go back to the cart to get another ball. While he was doing that, I continued to look around and found what looked like a relatively new ball, just sticking out from the dead leaves. I thought this could be his ball, but when I picked it up, it was a ball that I had hit in there last December. It had my OSU marking, and it was a ProV 1, that was marked with a high school golf’s team name on it, that I had been given as a gift. Not bad, lose a ball in December, find it in March. I guess the 5 minute rule is up. I have never had that happen before. Sometimes when I have played the same course 2 days in a row I have even looked for a ball the next day that I lost but have never been successful. That ball sat there for 3 months. You never know what your going to run into when you play this goofy game. 

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