The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

This week was very active with four rounds played with mostly just blah play, shooting 79, 79, 75, and 79. Some progress made with the putter and a little with the short game but nothing to get excited about. Todays round was interesting because of the raw conditions. We played with a steady light misty rain and enough wind to make 55 degrees feel a hell of a lot colder. Since I have been working on the mental game a little more here are a couple of ideas from other sources. Let me just quote the first one.

You don’t mean to say you hit the ball with a blank mind?

Yes I do. That is, as far as any part of the stroke is concerned. If I am hitting the ball with a blank mind and a driver I am conscious of thinking how far I want it to go. If I am swinging another club, I think about how far I want the ball to go and what I want it to do when it gets there-roll a bit , or stop short. But as to the stroke, I don’t think about it, section by section, and I don’t believe anybody else does or can. Certainly I never try to teach a pupil to do this or that, at a certain part of the swing. Swing right, and keep your blank mind as much as you can on the shot. Do your thinking before you start your swing.

I wonder if anyone out there  knows who gave such great advice and what year he gave it. One clue: It came from a magazine article but this clue could be misleading. Pretty deep huh.  Another mental philosophy comes from the book Quantum Golf written in 1991 by Kjell Enhager. It is a quirky little book written about of all things a frustrated golfer(do they actually exist) who is about to quit the game. But his pro who is feeling sorry for him  suggests he goes see this reclusive pro and learn Quantum Golf. I highly recommend this if for nothing else it is highly entertaining. The book talks about visualizing the shot.

Once you have a very clear image of what you want to do, then simply let it go forget it. This is called Quantum Vision.

Next week I am headed for San Diego to those quantum grandkids of mine and golf will be put on the back burner. I will reveal the answer of who was the giver of such great advice and maybe getting away for awhile will help me explore the many caverns of the brain. Have a good week.

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