The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

The grandkids went back home on Tuesday and we had a great week. Golf got into full swing with 4 rounds played but not much success in unraveling the short game mystery. The scores were mediocre starting with 82 and 76 on Wednesday, 81 Thursday and an 80 today. The ball striking is very good but the chipping and putting are just brutal and some of the new things I have tried have failed miserably. A lot of this is between the ears and maybe that will be more of the focus this week. In about 10 days I will be heading out to San Diego to see the grandkids for a week so I don’t see me playing any new courses until I get back May 8th. So far I played 86 golf courses within 90 minutes of my house over the last 2 and 2/3rds year with the goal to reach the 100 mark. Of course during this 86 course trek I have been searching for the answer to make this game play a little easier. The full swing I have found it, which I have covered in previous blogs, but that still leaves the less than full swing game and the brain game, which some people refer to as the mental game. With only 14 courses left time is running out. I have always said if I don’t find the answer by the end of the trek I will throw my clubs into the lake. Of course the final course better have a lake near the 18th green. And yes one of the remaining 14 does have a lake near the 18th green so it won’t be hard to figure out what the last course will be. But on a more positive note maybe I will find the answer. Ah yes, the brain such a wonderful device. Too bad we don’t know very much about it. Do they still do lobotomies? Now theres an idea. Jack Nicholson didn’t look too bad at end of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. I wonder if he putted better.

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  1. Hey Vet

    Maybe you are focusing too much on your short game. Sometimes I am so frustrated that I talk myself out of playing well. From your scores, you have some sort of short game, just not living up to your expectations. I agree that it may be mental. Have you tried positive mental imagery before you go play. It only takes about 5 minutes and you run through successfully chipping and putting. Just a thought….good luck. May your day be filled with close chips and one putts.



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