The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

It was nice to see Phil Mickelson win the British Open with some great play down the stretch and fantastic putting the whole day. My week was not near as exciting as I got three rounds in this week. I shot 80, 77, and 76. The 76 today was particularly boring with 14 pars and 4 bogies. The short game blues came back today, but the week was different than planned, because in about the middle of the second round I discovered a major swing flaw, which was a little surprising, considering how simple I have made the golf swing. However the arms just refuse to die. My arms were causing my swing to get out of whack and then with today’s round, trying to get back the swing, I lost my new philosophy of golf. This new “philosophy” may never be told because it could turn out to be a bunch of bullshit. It still goes back to the problem, which comes first the the technique flaw or does some mental flaw cause the physical flaw. I admit I am at a loss to explain the issue or come up with the answer. What was happening was that my arms were starting the swing which caused my plane to get too flat. Once a I made sure that  turning my left shoulder down and around to start the swing, I started hitting the ball much better. I have been doing this, I fear for at least the last 6 weeks without even knowing it. I think I have been experimenting with the mental side of the game so much, that I let myself develope this swing flaw. Anyway this has been a weird year,  with weather, getting a flu bug and some of the guys I play with have had injuries or for some other reason have not played a lot of golf. We have about 3 solid months of the golf season left. Hopefully I will make more progress with all this than I did in the first 4 months. The answer seems to be drifting away into the dark recesses of God knows what.

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  1. I totally agree that sometimes we focus on a certain aspect of our swing, that we forget the fundamentals of what makes our swing ours. Thanks for the reminder. I have been working on my swing this year….changing my launch angle and it works sometimes. But, there always seems to be a price to pay else where. Ah, golf…what a great sport!



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