The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

With the grand kids in town and a big morning storm on Wednesday, only played 2 rounds this week. Shot a 75 at South Park and a 78 today at Rolling Acre. I totally psyche myself out today on having a good round. I don’t want to get into how I did this, but believe me I did. I continued my new golf philosphy and it worked out pretty well. Even though neither score was anything to shout about I continued to hit more quality shots than the score indicated. As I stated last week anytime you are doing something new with your game even a new mental thing you should expect some ups and downs with more downs than ups. Today I also missed some short putts that hurt and again this new philosphy is even being applied to putting which at times has caused some bad putts. I think for the higher handicap player this is the number one reason he does not improve his game. They just can not develope the attitude that in order to get better you sometimes have to get worse. Any time you change something in your game particularly if you have been playing the game for any number of years, it is not going to feel right and it will lead to some poor shots and higher scores. But if you know what you are doing is sound golf fundementals, then you must gut it out for a period of 4 or 5 rounds, depending on how much you play, and eventually you will be rewarded with lower scores. I have often criticized pros for changing their swings, but even those, where it seems  to work out, there is always that period of adjustment, where their overall game suffers. To me it is a simple fact. In order to get better you are going to be worse for a certain period of time. If you can not accept this then you going to have to accept the fact that your handicap will always be double digits. This is why I like what I am doing now. It does feel akward. Even though I hit many quality shots I have hit some really bad ones. This has helped me with the chip yips but not completely. I made some great up and downs today, but also messed up some routine chips. Next week will be back to normal if the weather co-operates and I have some real challenges coming up. We will see what the new philosphy brings.

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  1. Vet, I know exactly what you mean and went through the same adjustment struggles with my new equipment. For some reason, I adopted to the irons in short order but the wedges took a full half season. Now I am comfortable and enjoying the benefits of better short game play and total confidence. You do have to be patient. Thanks.


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