The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

This was a busy week and that is why the blog is a day late. The best way to write about this week is to take it in chronological order. On Wednesday added course number 88 by going to St Jude golf course in Chicora Pa. which was about a 70 minute drive. This was an interesting course but difficult to play for the first time. The course played to a Par of 70 and played about 6500 yards from the back tees. The greens were smooth and ran about a 6 on the stimp. There were many blind shots and doglegs, and to get from one green to the next tee was sometimes a great challenge. Little did I know how well this prepared me for the golf course I would play later in the week in the Poccono’s. On one hole, I even went to the wrong tee box and hit my drive before I realized I had played the wrong hole. At time the holes were very tight and hilly and overall not a very enjoyable course to play. I shot an 82 with most of the time putting myself in some real bad positions due to lack of course knowledge. There was no hot dog and this course was not worth the trip. I was going to play another new course but map quest gave me the wrong directions and then the skies started looking threatening and decided to go home. Then I let the dog out and the skies were better so I went over to South Park and shot a lackluster 75 and just beat the rain.  On Thursday I headed to Indian Run and shot one of my better rounds of the year a 2 over 73. I hit the ball really well and seemed to have my swing down, and short game and putting under control. So on Friday off to the Pocconos I go to play in the United States Golf Teachers Northeast Regional tournament. I had a good nights sleep, got to the course in plenty of time, despite getting bad map quest directions AGAIN, and then had a complete meltdown and shot 92. I could make all kind of excuses for this score. First time playing the course, many blind shots and doglegs, and many in course out of bounds stakes, where I knocked it out of bounds on three holes. But the bottom line I stunk. Unfortunately I was only staying on the second floor of the motel and I figured if I jumped out the window I would probably just break my legs and I would still be alive and in pain. There really isn’t any more to write about this, and today I found out the nine hole course I go to about 1pm to work out issues is closed till about 3 for highschool try outs. My next round is going to be at St Clair which is one tough golf course but at least I know it.   They say there is a reason for everything and maybe a day like I had will help me out in the long run. I have had these days before and it hasn’t helped. But another week has started I have 88 courses down and only 12 to go. See you Sunday.

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