The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Back into the Sunday groove for the blog and that is about the only thing that is groovin because the golf game is definitely missing a beat. Took it easy on Monday and Tuesday with the weather not great, and gave the back a little more time to heal. Started playing on Wednesday and shot a miserable 83 at Scenic Valley. Saturday did not get much better with an 80 at South Park and today shot 77 at Rolling Acre the boring way with 14 pars and 4 bogies. This week was a fishing expedition and it was trying to get comfortable over the ball. The putting was bad to awful and although I had some short game moments it was not enough to over come bad play.

Some of the low lights were 22 putts on the back nine of Scenic Valley, hitting lots of fat irons at South Park and some awful high right drives at Rolling Acres. When the ball striking goes as it has over the last 2 rounds it is always a little of a mystery to me because over the last 2 years or so that has been the strongest part of my game. No real progress on the mind body connection only to say that it is disconnected. Hoping to get in the full compliment of play this week, and we will see what happens. Everybody goes through periods of play like this but it still does ease the frustration. To me it is the racing mind syndrome. Even though the game is slow and time between shots can take forever, when it come time to hit the ball the mind is just flying. Sometimes it is thinking about things that are not even pertaining to what you are doing on the golf course. When it gets to this point you hit one inch behind a 50 foot putt and it goes 32 feet. Yes, I did that today. Even though Rolling Acre is not the hardest course in the world and it is pretty wide open, I am still amazed that I shot 4 over par. No new ideas on the horizon but hopefully I will have some kind of inspriration right on the golf course this week.

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