The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

This may turn out to be a rambling blog because this was another frustrating week on the links. Some of it could be blame on the weather but in reality I just plain stunk out the joint, in more ways than one. Here was the basic pattern. I played 54 holes as a single. During these rounds I would come up with something that I thought was some kind of break through to finding ways to score, only to find out they were crap when I tried to play for a few sheckles in a group. The rounds as a single were 76 and 78 at Mt. Lebo. and an 80 at Indian Run.  Then with a little on the line I shot 88 at Village Green in some windy cold conditions. Today, in our Sunday foursome, I shot 81 at Ponderosa, under ideal conditions. Today the putter was the culprit that led to the score in the 80’s. I can say in all honesty I only made 2 good strokes with the putter all day. What was amazing that some of my bad strokes miraculously found the hole. My ball striking was good today and there were some good mind body moments, when I was totally in sync.

Here are things that I tried this week, at least the ones I can still remember. Improved address postion, trying to get closer to ball on all shots including putts. Changing my pre shot routine. Going back to an old driver. Changing putters. Standing farther away from the ball on putts. There were other things but frankly I am just trying to forget them and I think I have succeeded.

I am now going to write about two times today, when my mind body connection was right on. These stand out because this may have been the only two times it happened all week. I had about 150 yards in for my third on a par 5. The lie was slightly downhill. It was a perfect 8 iron distance for me. With the downhill lie, I had to aim slightly left of the pin, which put me lining up at the right edge of the left bunker. With complete confidence, I took a solid swing and the ball went slighty right and about 12 feet from the pin. Missed the putt of course. On a par 3 I had 168 to an up front pin. This is a little strong for my 7 iron and a 6 iron is a little too much. I felt if I turned the 7 from right to left this would increase the distance just enough to make it to the green and the pin.  I made a great pass at the ball, hit a very nice draw that wound up 20 feet past the pin. Two great examples of the mind body connection being in perfect sync. Now the key will be to be able to do this more than two times per week. This was one of the worst putting days I have had in a long time. Not from the standpoint of the numbers but from not being able to execute the stroke. I had 35 putts and I flinched on 33 of them. That will have to change. The weather does not look too good for the next couple or 3 days so I don’t know how much torture I will be putting my self through this week, and maybe a break is what I need. See you next week.

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