The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Well, here we are on another Sunday night wrap up and not much has changed. The frustration continues, with bad weather, only two rounds in, and both in the 80’s. This makes five straight rounds in the 80’s. This has been one of the longest dry spells since I have begun the shoulder swing. I could go into many reasons why this has been happening but basically it is in the past. I tried some new grip ideas this week with the goal of developing a more natural hinging and unhinging of the wrists. I gripped the putter in way I felt would allow the wrists to be in a more natural position. At times, this seemed to work  and I putted pretty well today, but in the end I felt I had come to another dead end.

I think my main problem this year has been my lack of awareness as to what the hell is going on, on the golf course. As far as the other mental A’s are concerned, I think I have done well. Despite my problems I have kept my anger under control. I don’t think anxiety has played a major role in my scoring woes. I have accepted what’s been happening. But it is my awareness that has really faltered. Because this has been my big short coming, I have not made the proper adjustments on the field of play. That will be the goal this week to improve my awareness on the golf course and get back to having some mind body connection on more than just two shots a round.  We all want to be more consistent. That all can now include Phil Mickelson who went something like 12 or 13 shots higher from one day to the next. For whatever reason it makes one feel just a little better when a top player  has the same problems as all of us. The weather is looking better this week and hopefully this will contribute the end of the run of 80’s. I feel better already.

5 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. Vet, I think bad ball striking spreads through our ilk like a virus on the internet. I apologize if you got it from me but right now I can’t hit water from a boat. I’m chalking it up to the colder than normal spring. Good luck getting it turned around this week.



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