The Goofy Game Golf Searching for the Answer

After a three week hiatus the blog is back. The game seems to be coming around with the last two rounds of 76 and 74. The last round I finished with 10 straight pars. My turn around can be attributed to the usual suspects, improved putting, better short game, and I am swinging with more rhythm. I am also working on something that may solve what I call the mystery of the wrist cock and so far this has really helped my game. Only time will tell if this is worth printing or this will be failed experiment 245. I am in San Diego right now, visiting grand kids and will be returning to the Burgh on Wednesday to continue the experiment.

Today I would like discuss a totally unrelated subject. Everybody is talking about how golf needs a shot in arm, and I agree. It was ten years ago that Annika played in the Colonial. Then Michelle Wie played in several PGA events and missed making the cut at the Hawaiian Open by one shot. I think there should be a series of about four tournaments through out the year where 10 LPGA touring professionals, play 10 PGA touring pros. The tournaments should be played on classic tracks like Colonial, Pebble Beach, and Congressional. The courses could be set up at around 6800 to 7000 yards and they would be 4 round events. I know the possibility exists that the women could finish 11 through 20 th in every event and how would the men feel if that didn’t happen. I think interest in these events would be at an all time high. Look how much talk is going on about the  2 Opens being played back to back and on the same course. If the powers to be want to create a new and needed spark into golf, this is the way to do it.

Hanging out with grand kids for the first half of the week, and hope to get some golf in this weekend. Speaking of getting a new spark, after a frustrating two months, the boys are back in town. See you next week.

One Reply to “The Goofy Game Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. Vet

    A shot in the arm would be helpful. It does seem that the media is grasping at straws to write about golf. I would also suggest that it will take some time for the post Tiger-era to grow. Personally, I like all the new winners on tour this year. At least it has a sense of the unknown. Great to hear your game is back, good luck continuing and have fun with the grand kids!



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