The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Its been a busy 2 weeks with lots of golf. Not very good golf but its good to play a lot. Here are the scores of the last 2 weeks, 78,82,77, 85, 88, 78, 81 and 78. Obviously I have not find the key to the mind body connection. I thought I was on to something many times, but each time I was just whistling in the wind. I will admit some of the high scores have been because of this search for the mind body connection, which have failed, or had some brief success only to  fail miserably. I have been putting pretty well during this stretch, with the exception of the 85 round where I had 5 three putt greens in a row.

Now I would like to discuss a couple of things about the recent U. S. Open. Now this is not to take anything away from the dominant victory of Martin Kaymer. It was a truly great performance. But missing the fairway in this Open was a lot different than in previous Opens. There was more of an element of luck involved. Lets say the Open would have been much closer and two players came to the 72ond hole tied for the lead. With Open pressure being what it is both players miss the fairway. One player winds up with a sandy lie where he can hit a pretty much normal shot. The other player only a few feet away end in a clump of whatever and can barely move the ball. With normal Open rough both players would have each had to punch out. I hope we don’t see any more Opens with this sandy off fairway grounds.

The other thing is something I heard a lot during this broadcast of this Open which reinforced one my beliefs that you can not really see the difference between a good swing and a bad swing. Many times I would hear” There’s a nice balance swing” and the ball would go in the rough or some other place of trouble. Just like it is hard to really see a good putting stroke. The difference is the result is much quicker, so the announcer always makes a comment on the stroke after the result of the putt not before. If he misses the putt it was a bad stroke. If he makes the putt it was a good stroke. I maintain you can not really tell. On full shots where the results take longer the announcer says good swing or bad swing before the results, and many times the results are the opposite of what you would have thought you would have seen, based on the swing comment. This happened a lot at last weeks U. S. Open. Even when they slow down these swings, I would love to see if these experts could guess right what the result of that swing would be.

This week I played 128 holes of golf with some 9 and 11 holes played until dark. The golf muscles are really in prime shape right now and I am feeling good. Now if I can just let my brain know that, I may finally find the answer. The search continues.

2 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. Vet, I do not have cable so only saw the highlights. However you point about the putting stroke is so true! It is as if the announcers need filler or something. I have struck many great putts and missed and the opposite is true as well. Great to hear that you are on track with your game. Sometimes the brain only engages if required….or at least that is how mine works.



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