The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer

Well, for a man claiming to have found the answer to the game of golf, the play was not very good for the week. I was able to get four rounds in this week but failed to break 80 in all four rounds. I have built in excuses already, from not feeling well on Tuesday to some very tough conditions on Saturday. Trying to execute the answer in the short game and putting is proving to be  much tougher than executing it in the long game. I probably struck the  ball better this week, than any time this year, but the short game and putting was so bad, that this killed any chance I had of having a good number. I do feel that I made some progress in this area but time will tell. This week it looks like I will be able to get in 9 tomorrow and 18 on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday but after that the weather is going to turn ungolfable for the rest of the week. While I am not going to reveal the answer today, I am going to write about what the answer is not.

The answer is not for someone with a handicap of over 12. The answer does not replace the fundementals of grip, stance, posture, and alignment. If your handicap is over 12 then you got some work to do in that area and in areas of the swing itself.

The answer is not the shoulder control swing that I developed. I still like this as a way to describe the golf swing and as a teaching aid but it is not the answer.

The answer is not, what I termed the mind body connection. The mind and body have to be in sync but it is not the answer.

The answer is not visualization and only thinking of your target. We all hear of stories of players getting in this mode and shooting a great round but why doesn’t this work every time. It’s simply is not the answer. However, visualization and being target oriented, may be a step in getting to the answer.

The answer is not something new or earth shattering and is quite simple. It will require an open mind, particularly when it concerns your own golf game. Once you accept  this as the answer it will rid your mind of many golf thoughts, that you have clung to for years.

Next week I will write about all the things that the answer explains in this goofy game. Hopefully I will find even better ways in executing the answer.

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