The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer

The answer produced results this week, with rounds of 74 and 77, in some pretty tough conditions of temps in the low 40’s and some breeze, although the wind could have been worse. Both rounds were produced despite some mediocre to poor putting. The 74 round was highlighted by hitting the first ten greens in regulation. Its difficult to apply the answer to putting and the short game but progress is being made. Today I am going to write about some of the things the answer explains and some things that are gone forever from my golf game.

Like most of us, I take some notes after each round on some of the things that I thought I was doing well, and how they might help me in future rounds. Here are some examples of some of these notes. Hit the driver on the downswing. Shoulders must control the swing. Get balanced at addres. Keep the legs quiet. Full wrist cock on less than full shots. Keep swing on shoulder plane. Stretch the left side on the back swing. I will never write notes or similiar notes like that again, now that I have the answer.

For those of you that get to warm up before a round, one of four things can happen.  A good warm up and good play. A good warm up and bad play. A bad warm up and good play. A bad warm up and a bad play. The answer explains all this.

The answer can explain why scores flucuate so much from day to day, even on the PGA tour. Many blogs back I gave the example of Peter Lonard, when he won the Heritage, his only win on the PGA tour with rounds of something like 66, 74, 67, and 75. The answer can explain this.

The answer expains why you can’t take you game from the practice range to the golf course. I have explained this in another blog but the answer confirms this.

Sometimes we will finish a round very strong because of a  swing thought but when we try to  apply  the same thought to next round we fail miserably. The answer explains  this.

I have often questioned the value of the practice swing, but because of the answer the practice swing is absolutely necessary.

There are many other things in the game that the answer explains and I will probably discuss them in future blogs. Even though I said higher handicap players still will need more than just the answer, it will still benefit them. I will reveal the answer next week. I am revealing the answer next week, even though I still haven’t figured out for sure how to execute the answer, because I am sure this is the answer. I don’t know why this is the answer but I just know that it is.  Once the answer is revealed maybe someone else will find a way to execute the answer. My golfing season is winding down and will not have many more opportunities to try to execute the answer but spring is just around the corner. NEXT WEEK THE ANSWER.

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