Pirates Morning Report: Run Forest Run

Final Score: Pirates 3 Brewers 4

Why The Pirates Lost: J. T. Brubaker struggled through 5 innings giving up 5 hits and walking 5. He was lucky the Brewers could only produce 3 runs from such generosity. The Pirates could only muster 6 hits and 2 of those were in the ill-fated top of the 9th. Another strange starting lineup, by not letting your hottest hitter, the Turtle DH. You replace him with someone batting .180. You might as well let a pitcher hit. The home run by Willie Adames proved to be the deciding factor. Gamel and Van Meter did not start because they were told to do nothing but talk to each other for 2 hours straight.

Key Moment of The Game: Sending Kevin Newman home in the bottom of the 9th when he had 0% chance of scoring. You have to give Willie Adames credit, because he saw what was going on, and even though he must have been in a state of shock, threw a perfect strike to home plate. Another new way to play baseball. Just keep running until you are thrown out or score. Apparently, the Pirates are going to adopt this philosophy for the entire game from now on. When will Pittsburgh ever get a Major League baseball team, only The Shadow knows.

Nest Game: This afternoon, Brewers in Milwaukee. Since Castillo hit a home run and Reynolds went 3 for 4 do not look for them to start today. The Turtle is still a flip of the coin. Now that Tsutsugo is completely healthy, he will be in the lineup. Expect Van Meter and Gamel to be back out there also, now that they know each other. Pirate management now thinks that 110 losses are back in play, since they discovered this new way to lose games. Just keep running until you are out.

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