Pirates Morning Report: One Good Inning

Final Score: Pirates 4 Brewers 3

Why The Pirates Won: For 8 of the 9 innings, the Pirates got 1 hit, walked 4 times, struck out 14 times and scored 0 runs. However, for one inning, the top of the 7th, the Pirates got 4 hits, scored 4 runs and struck out once. It was good enough to get a win. Ben Gamel’s home run was the big blow to give the Pirates a lead 4-3, they never relinquished. What was interesting about the 15 Pirate strikeouts was that a lot of them were called strike 3’s, or they swung at a ball way out of the strike zone. There were only a couple of strikeouts where the batter swung at a strike and missed. The bullpen protected the lead like they did in the early part of the season and the Pirates came away with an amazing win.

The Key Moment of The Game: The Pirates took the lead in the top of the 7th and Dwayne Underwood Junior, who from now on will be referred to as DUJ, because I am not typing that name anymore, came into pitch the bottom of the inning. Right away, the Brewers got two fluky hits to put runners on the corners with no one out. DUJ then bore down and struck out Andrew McCutchen. Kolten Wong grounded to Tsutsugo, who threw a strike to home plate to nail the runner trying score. DUJ struck out the next batter and the inning was over. From that point on, the Brewers went 6 up and 6 down to finish the game.

Next game: This afternoon, Brewers in Milwaukee. I was right about Reynolds not starting last night and Gamel starting, but his new best friend Van Meter did not. I can’t wait to see the Sunday lineup. This is more exciting than when you use to wait for Casey Kasem to reveal the no.1 song of the week on Sunday morning.

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