Pirates Morning Report

Final Score: Pirates 5 Yankees 2

Why The Pirates Won: The Pirates did it all last night, hit, pitched and fielded their way to victory over the mighty Yankees. The Pirates are 6-1 against the Yankees and the Dodgers this year. Quintana pitched a strong 5 innings, and the bullpen kept the Yankees at bay for the final 4 innings. The hitters got 2 home runs and 2 doubles and scored 5 runs which was more than enough to win. The defense made no errors and came up with some big plays when the Yankees threatened. It was about as a complete game that the Pirates played this year.

Key Moment of The Game: In the top of the 7th the Yankees put runners on first and second via a single and a walk, with one out, and Aaron Judge coming to bat. It looked like it was going be another disastrous 2nd inning outing for Will Crowe. However, Crowe, on a 2-2 count, induced Judge to hit into a 4-6-3 inning ending double play. Even with Duane Underwood Junior pitching the 8th, the Yankees could not do much after that. The only way Shelton could have helped the Yankees more was to pitch Castillo, but that would have really obvious. He did all he could, but the Yankees failed miserably.

Next Game: Tonight, Yankees in Pittsburgh. Mitch Keller will have his work cut out for him tonight coming off a bad outing. You never know, we may be catching the Yankees at the right time. They were shut out by the Guardians on Sunday, and they could only get one run off Duane Underwood (Do I really have to keep typing Junior after his name every time) Junior. Holy Hell, could we sweep the Yankees, no way.

Pirates Morning Report

Final Score: Pirates 0 Brewers 2

Why The Pirates Lost: After having a very good day hitting in the clutch, the Pirates failed miserably with runners in scoring position, by going 0 for 11. They had 9 hits and 2 walks, but could not push a run across. They also had a big strikeout day again, by whiffing 14 times. In my view, the Pirates are just not aggressive enough in the early part of the at bat. Even though the Turtle got 3 hits yesterday, this was the 2nd game in a row, where he had an at bat and did not swing at a pitch. He struck out both times. DID NOT SWING AT A PITCH. On Saturday it was a 6 pitch at bat and yesterday a 5 pitch at bat. It’s like he is trying to prove that you could still get a hit without swinging at the ball. Zach Thompson pitched a nice 4.2 innings coming off the IL. You have to be philosophical about this loss, because the Brewers pitching staff is going to do this to a lot of teams.

Key Moment of The Game: The Pirates had 1st and 3rd with 2 out and Ke’Bryan Hayes at the plate. The first pitch by Josh Hader was a 97-mph fast ball almost down the middle of the plate, just on the inner half, and Hayes stood there with his bat on his shoulder. Even though he drew a walk to load the bases, the Pirates never saw a better pitch to hit from Hader again. Bryan Reynolds hit a lazy fly ball to left to end the game. Fast ball almost down the middle of the plate and Hayes stood there. He must be getting advice from the Turtle.

Next Game: Tuesday, Yankees in Pittsburgh. If some way somehow the Pirates could get a split, they would be 6-2 against the Dodgers and the Yankees, the most likely teams to play in the World Series. After the Yankee series the Pirates will be exactly at the halfway point of the season. Even if the Pirates lose both games to the Yankees and then play exactly the same way in the second half, they will lose 98 games. I am sure this is very upsetting to management who was hoping they would lose 110.

Pirates Morning Report

Final Score: Pirates 7 Brewers 4

Why The Pirates Won: The bats woke up again and the Pirates scored 7 runs. They hit 2 home runs, each one coming with 2 outs, to drive in 3 of the runs. They scored all of their runs after two were out, in each of the three innings they scored. Probably the best clutch hitting the Pirates had all year. Bryse Wilson went 6 innings giving up 2 runs on 8 hits and a walk. He was aided by some line drives hit right at people and some very good plays in the field. The bullpen was a little shaky again, with David Bednar coming on in the 9th. After an opening walk, that looked like here we go again, he settled down, and got the next 3 outs rather handily to end the game. After the debacle on Friday night, this was a very nice win.

Key moment of the game: After scoring 1 run in the 1st the Brewers had 2nd and 3rd with one out in the top of the 2nd. Bryse Wilson was getting hit pretty hard at this point, and it looked like the Brewers may break the game open. The Pirates brought the infield in and Christian Yelich stroked a bullet that looked like it was headed to left field. Then Oneil Cruz stretched that 6’7 frame and made a great catch, continuing on to third base to easily double off, Jace Peterson. It was a great play by Cruz, but another base running gaffe by an opposing team, got the Pirates out of the inning. It seemed to settle down Wilson who had given up 4 hits and hit a batter, in the first two innings. Over the next 4 innings he gave up 1 run and 4 hits. If that play does not happen it is hard to tell how the game would have gone from there.

Next Game: This afternoon, Brewers in Pittsburgh. The Pirates have another chance to take 3 out of 4 from a team who slaughtered them in one game of the series. Quintana takes the hill for the Pirates today, which gives them a good chance. Cherrington said yesterday that the Pirates will be bringing up many accomplished Major League players in the coming days. No comment needed for that asinine remark.

Pirates Morning Report

Final Score: Pirates 2 Brewers 19

Why The Pirates Lost: Contreres just didn’t have it last night, and it was just as well because nobody else did either. This is the third blow out of the season for the Pirates. They have given up 21, 18, and now 19 runs in a single game. In 4 other games, they have given up 10 runs or more. One thing about the Pirates they know how to lose. I wonder if there have been any seasons where the Pirates have given up 18 runs or more in 3 games. I am sure you won’t hear any of that coming out of the Pirate broadcast booth. It was fitting that this was Pirate charities night. Maybe Major League Baseball can give the Pirates some players, particularly some pitchers. Cruz can thank Derek (Nothing is going to get past me) Shelton, for challenging a call trailing 17-1, allowing Cruz to get an RBI. Did you notice that the umpire could barely keep a straight face when he announced the overturn?

Key Moment of The Game: The top of the 8th inning may have seen a little-known Major-League record. Someone with more time on their hands than I have may be able to find this out, but Cam Vieaux threw 48 pitches before he recorded his first out. I have to wonder if anybody else threw more before he recorded a single out. He finished the inning, which is just as amazing. He did come close to the most pitches thrown in one inning which is 61.

Next Game: This afternoon, Brewers in Pittsburgh. No one knows who is going to pitch today. Both clubs have asked Major League Baseball if they would allow pitching machines for at least 5 innings. There is only one thing certain about today’s game Cam Vieaux will not pitch. There is even uncertainty about whether or not the Pirates will even show up. They didn’t last night.

Pirates Morning Report:

Final Score: Pirates 8 Brewers 7

Why The Pirates Won: Surprisingly, the Pirates bats have come alive, and even with the pitchers folding up, the Pirates managed another 8-7 win. In the last two games the Pirates have given up 14 runs, 28 hits, and 9 walks. The Pirates won both games. I would consider that a miracle. Michael Perez was the star with a 3 home run game and the final one proved to be the difference. This recent home run surge by the Pirates have moved them up to 13th in the league. It may be the only stat that the Pirates are above the league average. J. T. Brubaker hung tough for 6 innings to get his 2nd win in a row. David Bedner was very shaky again, giving up 3 runs in the 9th, to make things way more exciting than necessary. This gave Yerry De Los Santos another save opportunity and he came through in the clutch. I expect to see Bedner on the IL soon. Another nail-biting win for the Pirates.

Key Moment of The Game: Every time Michael Perez came to bat. Going into the game he had 3 home runs and 6 rbi’s. In this game he had 3 home runs and 5 rbi’s. Talk about an unexpected pleasure.

Next Game: Tonight, Brewers in Pittsburgh. Contreras vs. Burnes. It’s a good bet there will not be 15 runs scored tomorrow. The Pirates have the long ball going and Corbin Burnes is prone to throw a few gopher balls. The Yu Chang era came to end as the Pirates did DFA him yesterday. I will miss him. Next to The Turtle, he was my favorite player. Right now, the Pirates do not have a player on the team that is a total waste of cells. Shelton is completely dumbfounded on what to do. He has been heard muttering, when will Yoshi return. I am sure the bullpen will bail him out and continue to stink.

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