Pirates Morning Report, Wow, That Was Fast

Final Score: Pirates 1 Braves 6

How The 2023 Pirates Did: Like a lot of teams, they were dominated by Max Fried. Michael Chavis did hit a home run and Jason Delay got a hit, as the Pirates were only able to get a total of 3 hits. Chavis was able to get the only walk. J. T Brubaker pitched a nice 4 innings giving up 0 runs on 1 hit and 1 walk. Then in the top of the 5th, all hell broke loose. It started with a home run and then the Braves got 5 straight hits, single double, single single, single. They essentially put on a hitting clinic. The last 2 singles were on the first pitch and the double was on the 2nd pitch. They went with the pitches and did not try to swing for the fences. Even the home run by Travis d’Arnaud did not seem like a hard swing. He just stayed with pitch and took a nice even swing. It was also on the first pitch of the at bat. Brubaker’s pitches were not all that bad. This was just a good team showing what it takes to hit the ball and score runs. Let’s hope the Pirates were paying attention, but who knows.

Key Moment of The Game: When Max Fried took the mound, the Pirates were doomed. He pitched a great game and the Pirates only hit the ball hard a few times. Even Chavis’s home run was on the cheap side going over the short fence in left field. The only hope was that Brubaker would match him pitch for pitch and he did that until the 5th, when the Braves showed what a Major League team looks like.

Next Game: This afternoon, Braves, in Pittsburgh. The Braves will be going for the season sweep today. Kevin Padlo got optioned down to AAA yesterday when Ke’Bryan Hayes was activated. He went 0 for 11 but only struck out once. He always looked like he needed a chiropractor. I am sure he will be back in September. With Hayes back, I think there is a good chance that 7 or 8 members of the 2023 Pirates will be in the starting lineup soon.

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