Pirates Morning Report: The Left Hand Reliever Saga

During the 2022 season, the Pirates have trotted out an array of left-handed relief pitchers. The number is 8 to be exact. Even though it is easy to look up all 8 relievers I will only name 2 of them in this blog. After all, the other 6 have families and friends, probably some children, and let’s face it, they all stunk. These relievers should have a special place in the hearts of all Pirate fans. Without these relievers the Pirates probably would have won at least 10 more games. These relievers have helped the Pirates achieve their goal of 2022 in acquiring a top 5 draft choice in 2023. The Pirates may even get a better pick than that. We are not going to get into heavy analytic stats, just some basic pitching numbers to show how much they have contributed to this goal. I feel that each of these 6 relievers should receive at least a $250,000 bonus at the end of the year, unless they start to improve their performance.

The lefties have thrown 107 innings plus and have given up 72 earned runs. See, I am being kind and not even mentioning all the runs they gave up. This comes out to an ERA 6.06. Dillon Peters who pitched early in the season and is now on the IL, with left elbow inflammation, threw 39 of those innings and had an ERA of 4.58. When you take out his numbers, the other 7 had an ERA of 6.88. In the 107 innings they gave up 111 hits, walked 52 and struck out 99. They almost got up to a strike out per inning but just could not quite do it. When you consider a lot of the time, they were brought in to face left hand hitting batters, these are pretty amazing numbers. I will admit, as bad as these numbers are, I thought they would be even worse. Let’s put it this way, they looked a lot worse doing it. You would think that the Pirates would have to do something in the free agent market to help this situation out in 2023, but maybe not.

If Dillon Peters can come back fully from his injury that will be a big plus, but that may be a big if. There was a left hander, who made a very brief appearance this year, Cam Alldred. He is not even on the 40-man roster, but pitched one inning giving up no runs, 1 hit and striking out 1. He graduated to AAA in the middle of last year and has pitched all of this year there. His numbers have been very good. He has appeared in 39 games, 37 in relief, has an ERA of 2.09 in 64 innings. It will be interesting to see if he might be a September call up. On the other hand, because he seems to be doing so well, they might not, since the drive for the number 1 overall pick in the draft is really heating up. Right now, the Pirates would get the 4th pick. However, they are in a dead heat in the loss column with the Tigers. They are only 3 ahead of the A’s and believe it or not they are just 6 ahead of the putrid Nationals. The loss column is the important number, because any late games that would be cancelled due to weather may not always be made up, unless it affects the playoffs. With 38 games to go the Pirates are smelling blood. Expect to see a lot of Heineman, Allen, Van Meter, Newman, Gamel, and those left hand relievers, as management strives for the worse record in baseball. Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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